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Welcome to the Blog of OMNI JIU JITSU

Welcome to the Blog for Omni Jiu Jitsu! All of the posts here are my own opinions, please do not take them as dogma as they are always subject to change. While Omni Jiu Jitsu is not solely composed of myself, the writings in this blog come directly from me and as the owner of Omni Jiu Jitsu I feel like this an excellent format to convey some the core principles and ideas that I would to like to impress upon my students and anyone that cares to read/listen. I am NOT an expert at anything and am a firm believer that everyone is “entitled” to their own opinion. I would like to keep the format of this blog loose and not subject to any rigid format, although much of this blog will relate to Martial Arts and (Brazilian) Jiu Jitsu in particular. Please bear with me, keep an open mind and feel free to comment. Thank You.

-Dominick “Coach Nick” Haider

Owner and head instructor of OMNI JIU JITSU ACADEMY

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