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Setting Intentions

Happy New Year! Oh and what a year it has been. Omni Jiu Jitsu is now in it’s sixth month of being open and we are chugging along. Since we are into a New Year I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about “Intention”. I think we hear this word often, and particularly in the case of goal setting. I feel that it is definitely a necessary “ingredient” in those terms, but intention is often spoken of in somewhat vague terms. What does it truly mean to have/set Intention? We can think of “intention” as an act of focusing our will to achieve a certain outcome, but I don’t think it is that simple. Wanting/wishing for something is simply not enough, I think the desire for the thing/outcome has to be so palpable you can literally feel it. This actually takes work. Whether it is through meditation, prayer, visualization, writing about it or the plethora of other means, it is no small task and must be a combination of these things. I didn’t dream Omni Jiu Jitsu into being, but it did start as a dream and boy did I have to work at it. I would set about writing lists of things I had to do, equipment I had to buy, people I needed to speak with, calls I had to make and so on. I would write these lists over and over EVERYDAY, until I began to tick off these items on my lists. This eventually led to more lists, but what came to be is that Omni Jiu Jitsu has come into existence. Today, I still write lists. I probably wouldn’t get much done if I didn’t. I am not saying that “list writing” is the way to achieve your goals, but I think being a little obsessive about finding a means to “Set Your Intention” will create momentum in the direction that you choose. I challenge all of you in the New Year (or anytime for that matter) to set a goal, big or small, and truly set your intention on it. Revisit that goal everyday and breathe life into it, nurture it, cultivate it and when you have achieved it take a moment to enjoy it! Best to all of you in the New Year!

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